Our ability to offer viable, timely solutions to meet the demands of all the businesses we serve lies in a wealth of experience that we first started accumulating in 1974, the year our business was established. Ever since, we have been committed to an ongoing process of evolving and expanding our offering, developing it in line with our guiding values: quality and innovation.

Initially focused on tool sharpening, we subsequently extended our range to include grinding work and, as we embraced new skills, we later supplemented the list of our services with the addition of precision machining. A few years later, these activities were joined by wire EDM and the production of spare parts and tools.

While we owe much of our development to an undying passion for what we do, our growth has ultimately been fuelled by the decision to never stop reinvesting our ever growing know-how in innovation. We have also regarded each goal achieved as a new starting point, a launch pad propelling us towards new challenges to be tackled and won.

Our particularly extensive range of services and products attests to our commitment to catering in the best way possible to the requirements of all those businesses who choose us, while it is also tailored to the specific demands of numerous different industries. Ongoing research efforts inform our decisions at every turn and are based on an analysis of how the needs of these businesses are set to evolve.

Our facility’s 2.000 m2-plus of floor space is just one more credential we have to our name as it “tells a story” of how we have managed to handle even the largest orders. We’re talking production capacity successfully coupled with flexibility, namely our ability to organize resources and processes in such a way that we can handle large mass production runs alongside requests for small just-in-time batches.